In China, a court has heard how an illegal online gambling website established in 2012 processed nearly $60 billion in wagers from some two million people and made its operators a profit of almost $84 million before being shut down last year.

According to a story from The China Post citing a report from the Xinhua News Agency, players at exchanged a total of $58 billion for tokens that they subsequently utilized to gamble on dozens of games from mahjong to poker.

Gambling in mainland China is illegal with the exception of some state-sanctioned lotteries and the Xinhua News Agency reported that the mastermind behind the domain, who was identified only by his surname of “Zhou”, moved the operation to Vietnam in 2013 in order to avoid detection by police but was subsequently arrested and repatriated.

Illegal online casino mastermind goes on trial in China

The 47-year-old went on trial on Thursday in Songyang County in the eastern province of Zhejiang facing charges of establishing the illegal online casino. The Xinhua News Agency reported that eight of his accomplices, who were rumored to have pocketed up to $83.92 million in profits, were sentenced via an earlier case while several are still at large.

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